'love letter' is dissimilar to the last work 'memory installation'
such like a house is built far from the other.
However, they are deeply similar like fraternal twins because
'love letter' is The other variation of my memory just like
'memory installation' was the one.
Then, 'love letter' connects the first version and the next version
'taste of grape' (will be another form of variation)

Emotion of 'Love Letter' is lonely such as a previously built station
for crossing point.
'love letter' does not contain any harmonious technologies or narratives
for happiness not like the title.
Instead, it might fill with the inductive form of hyper link technology
that early web had had.

My analysis and speculation about my emotion in my memory that
came to me recently were almost classical persistence.
To make not old-fashioned style, I needed experiments
not only a form the web has but the expression.

I show those experiments through paradoxical commonplaceness that
comes from the motive, expanding Negative story,
persistence in meaning of texts, not expanded but more
Offensive signs and metaphor, and using BGM actively and will do variation
continuously with different styles.
The next version 'taste of grape' is also another variation of same memory ,
but I will create that with different style to the different emotion and
standard and I will build another station for crossing point.


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